“Food has been a partner in the substance of life, making and filling the experience.” – Jon Reiner, Esquire

No, I don’t think men are stupid idiots who can’t figure out how to do anything in a kitchen, and no, I don’t think that women belong in the kitchen either.  I do think that, with some practical and hands-on advice and experience, anyone can start to make healthy and cost-effective choices in the kitchen; both in the foods we eat, the way we prepare them, and the gadgets, utensils, and dishes we use.

The point of this blog is not to make anyone, male or female, feel inferior or patronized – the title is just a lighthearted stab at the general malaise that seems to affect a decent portion of my male friends (like those of you who might still eat Lunchables for two of your three meals a day – you know who you are.)  Not to single them out, though – I want to emphasize that we all make mistakes and don’t know what we’re doing most of the time – so this blog is for anyone, college-age, twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings, who wants some good, simple ideas to help get the most out of their food and their kitchen, no matter where they live.

I’m no chef, I’m just a young woman who lives with a young man and we both happen to love good food.  Sometimes good food means a perfect slice of pizza or a well-deserved bag of Chinese take-out, and sometimes it means cooking fresh, wholesome, healthy things in our own kitchen.  Over the past few years, I’ve gone from eating mostly out of the freezer and the Wendy’s drive-thru to enjoying cooking anything I can from scratch, always looking for new recipes, growing my own vegetables, and figuring out creative, cost effective and convenient ways to do all these things.  Now I’m ready to share some of them with you, and hopefully you’ll pick up some helpful information for cooking, shopping, cleaning, and enjoying your kitchen, whether you live alone, with a partner, or with one or more friends or roommates, in a dorm, apartment, or your own house.  My aim is to have a little something for everyone.

You don’t have to love to cook, either; I’ll provide plenty of handy short-cuts and suggestions that will help you spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, if that’s your goal.  From ways to cut down on dishwashing to quirky tips on how to get yourself to keep your kitchen towels clean, I’ll give you some useful ideas that you can easily implement yourself in very little time and for very little money (because I know most of us are stuck in that seemingly contradictory loop of busy and broke).

So please check back often, add me to your blogroll or RSS feed, follow me on Twitter (@kitchentipsblog), and check out my Flickr food photos. Feel free to comment with your own tips and stories too, and I will feature them in future posts.


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I'm a writer of web content and advertising copy in the interactive space. I'm kind of a geek, but I like other stuff, too. My passions and loves include cooking and food, travel, music, and reading; my husband & favorite architect Jonathan; my wonderful family and friends; and my loyal, quirky dog.

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