Too Hot to Cook?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the weather in the Northeast US has been oppressively hot for the past several days and doesn’t look like it plans to let up much anytime soon. Inspired by a Reddit post in r/food, I give you the best dishes to cook/prepare when it’s just too damn hot.


This Spanish (or possibly Peruvian, or Polynesian) dish is typically made up of fish or shellfish marinated in a citrusy concoction. For more on the origins and styles of ceviche, check out this article.

Flavored ice cubes & ice pops:

I really liked the simple idea of making ice cubes from fruit juices and other “good things” in a recent issue of Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food . You can also use the same concept to make ice pops, adding in some pureed fruit and yogurt, and many dollar stores and supermarkets sell popsicle making sets. The ice cubes are also perfect for putting in cocktails and sangrias to keep them cold without watering down the booze.

Pretty much any liquid and fruit combo will do, but here are some ideas to get started:

A simple Greek salad:

I’ve thrown this together before, but was reminded by this Metafilter thread of this great twist on the traditional garden salad. Just toss together some lettuce, feta cheese (reduced fat is fine), sliced black olives, chopped roma tomatoes, a dash of lemon, oregano and basil, and your choice of dressing (olive oil and a little vinegar is my favorite).


Summer heat waves are no match for a bag of tortilla chips, a bowl of good guacamole, and an ice cold beer (try Sol). When choosing your avocados, try to pick out ones that feel softer and squishy (but not mushy). They should yield to your touch but not dent. I find that the darker the outer peel, the more ripe they are when it comes to the hass variety.

My friend Jess makes the best guacamole, but since her recipe is tucked away in her secret vault, here’s the next best I’ve found: Guacamole.


If you still want something warm to eat with minimal time spent toiling over a hot stove, give Nif’s Garlic and Bread Crumb Spaghetti a whirl.


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