“Food has been a partner in the substance of life, making and filling the experience.” – Jon Reiner, Esquire

This blog manifested itself out of two things: my love for cooking and food, and my desire to share it with everyone (whether they want to cook or not).

The title came about after my significant other and I shared a laugh at the expense of one of our friends, who, as a college grad and professional, was living off of refrigerated Lunchables and canned soup. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; but I just thought – if I can figure out how to cook, and make easy, simple meals that aren’t full of preservatives and processed junk, anyone can. And maybe I can show someone how fun and rewarding cooking can actually be.

I didn’t grow up with parents who were whizzes in the kitchen and dedicated hours to showing me the ropes (not that my mom is a bad cook or my dad doesn’t make the best fried eggs), so I kind of had to learn on my own. I knew the basics, but spent several years laboring under the mistaken belief that frozen smiley face potatoes and Shake & Bake chicken was the most complicated meal I could master.

When I moved in with my now fiance, I had in him a willing guinea pig who was happy to eat anything I’d have the courage to put together – and lo and behold, with some hard work and patience, I actually produced some pretty good stuff. That was almost three years ago, and since then I’ve created a signature chicken parmesean dish and put together desserts like Guinness & Jameson cupcakes, cherry bakewell tartlets, and a cranberry apple pie that looked like it could have been on the pages of a food magazine (or at least, almost). I’m not saying all this to toot my own horn; I’m saying this to let you know: I’m not a genius or a chef – but if I can cook, so can you (thanks, Chef Martin Yan).

That’s essentially what this blog boils down to: simple recipes that I’ve found and tried, my own suggestions, and kitchen advice about everything from appliances to utensils and tools. These entries are for anyone who wants to cook, loves to cook, or is just looking to simplify and health-ify their food habits by getting rid of the “easy” frozen and processed stuff. College students, young couples, apartment and condo owners with limited kitchen space, and anyone with a limited food budget will benefit from the bi-weekly (maybe someday weekly) shopping list, coupons & 5 days of dinner recipe posts, and I throw in some other stuff along the way throughout the month.

For more recipes, tips & links and to share in food-related discussions, visit the Facebook fan page and become a fan!


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